annie + greg | beloved

These two deserve a medal for everything they went through to make their engagement session result in the images you see above. Annie and I spent the entire morning on the phone trying to decide what to do given the weather forecast. The original plan was to shoot this session in the blue mountains, but the forecast was cold, windy and rainy (possibly even a little snow) so we thought that driving hours for that might not be the best use of our time. “A place in Sydney then”, Annie suggested, only to check the forecast and see that rain was even more likely to occur in the city. What now? A little known place called the Mt Annan Botanic Gardens in the south west of Sydney. Yes unknown and relatively unassuming, yet the day before I had accidentally missed a turn off and had used the entrance to make a u-turn. In doing so I had seen a roundabout filled with flowers. At the time I thought nothing of it and yet, 24 hours later, I would be tentatively suggesting it to Annie and Greg as the new location for their beloved session. It was, after all, meant to be a sunny afternoon in the south west of Sydney.

I arrived at the gardens about 20 minutes ahead of Annie and Greg. It rained and stopped twice in that time and certainly kept my emotions in a state of flux. When Annie and Greg arrived the rain was holding so we started without delay. Within about 10 minutes though the rains came down and did not let up on us for more than a few minutes over the next two hours. In almost every shot above I can tell you where the umbrella is secretly hiding, just out of frame. We huddled under one umbrella, my camera hidden in my coat as we talked about each shot and then made a run for it to shoot it as fast as we could before huddling under again. It was certainly an experience that brought us all very close, very quickly.

Today the sun is shining and appears slightly mocking, but yet we have these images and an experience none of us will ever forget. I wouldn’t trade that for all the sunshine in the world. Well, maybe just a glimmer ;)

by Leah

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charlotte + craig | beloved on the isle of capri, italy

I remember so clearly the day that Charlotte’s email arrived. Her and her husband to be, Craig, were longing to have wedding photos taken somewhere on the amalfi coast in Italy and having seen some work I have done in the region reached out to me. The tone of the email was hopeful, yet resigned. Probably too far away, too expensive, but she just had to ask. I am so glad Charlotte listened to that prompt in her heart that told her to just go ahead and email me anyway, because when we checked the date I was already going to be in Europe!! Suddenly a far fetched dream turned into a very true reality and the session was booked in.

The day of the session I travelled hours in the morning from Rome to Capri, had time for a quick shower, before walking up to meet them at their hotel. We then spent the entire afternoon in the summer heat exploring as much of the island as we could before the sun set. Walking down tiny path ways and finding magic on rooftops with incredible views, doorways abundantly adorned with flowers and bright colours everywhere. Charlotte and Craig were trusting and amazing as every crazy suggestion I had (most of which had to do with climbing up onto rooftops that no sane person would go) they eagerly agreed to.

Thank you so much for your trusting and adventurous hearts Charlotte and Craig. To create the images I saw were possible with you fills me with such incredible joy and has given all of us an amazing memory to always hold onto.

by Leah

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eileen + andrew | beloved

I honestly cannot believe how lucky I’ve been with weather this winter. Lately I’ve been blessed with comfortable temperatures and the most exquisite light for all almost all my weddings and sessions and it always makes me wonder, why don’t more people do this!

I met Eillen and Andrew at Centennial Park, which is one of my favourite places to shoot because there are always new and wonderful places to discover and the day I spent with these two was no exception. We stumbled across the most perfect, hidden setting of tall grass in the afternoon sun. After spending some time there we hopped in the car to make our way to Bradleys Head, where Andrew had proposed. The drive across the city was more than I think any of us had imagined and losing almost an hour in traffic I think we were all wondering whether we were a little crazy for attempting it, but as soon as we arrived we knew that all the painstaking effort we went to in order to make it there before the sun set was absolutely worth it. Beautiful golden light and the most perfect spot in the city pretty much all to ourselves for the last little bits of daylight could not have made this day more beautiful.