My story

Why do I do what I do? Why do I love being a photographer? Why do I pursue photography unabandoned and with passion? Why do I pour over images, lovingly crafting and perfecting them until the early hours of the morning? Why do I get excited with each new person, couple and family I meet with to create images like it’s the very first time?

There are a few reasons. I could give you the short version, or no version at all, but I think it’s important that when I am standing in front of you, taking your photograph, that you know what is driving me. So with that being said, here are the reasons:

1. I believe this is what I was created to do :: That is a terrifying thing for me to say, considering the fact that I have pursued very different fields in the past, but when I found photography it was like something came alive in me. My soul awoke and I found myself seeking out opportunities to create, learn and grow, to find my voice through the images I was creating. I realised it had been there all along, just without a way to express itself. When I create images, there is joy, and a fierce determination to create the best work I can each and every time. Suddenly ‘living what I love’ became of the utmost importance to me and I strive to do that every single day, finding my artistic voice and expression in each image I create.

2. I have experienced the value of photography that cannot be measured :: I have thought on how to say this is a way that would not be too detailed, yet still convey just how strongly I feel about this. I don’t think I can do both, so I have chosen just to be honest. I have lost some very important people in my life, far earlier than I expected to. I lost all my grandparents relatively early in life and then a few years ago, as a young mother to my first child, I lost my own mother. Facing the reality that my beautiful daughters will never know my equally tender hearted, beautiful mother I have found that photographs of her have taken on a whole new meaning. To share her smile with my daughters, to show them where I got my ‘far too high for my own liking’ hairline from, to see her joy in photos with myself and my sister in her arms (especially on my wedding day), to be able to recall moments I spent with her when I can’t actually reminisce about them with her in person, to remember her and smile – I can’t express how important that is to me. Of course, no one wants to think about losing the ones they love and I’m certainly not asking anyone to dwell on this, but having experienced it myself, it is just so important to me that you have these memories with you in this way. This is also the reason why I love to capture people in natural settings, moments and interactions as much as possible. So each image is a reflection of the true individual.

I also have experienced first hand the joy that photographs of my daughters bring as they grow astronomically fast. Remembering not just what they were like in that moment, but what was happening when the photo was taken, how we felt. It’s all there when I see the images. Sometimes when we are living the moments we get too busy to think about taking photos, or somehow convince ourselves that we will remember. Without the images, those memories grow dull very quickly as life moves forward, sometimes being forgotten all together and can certainly never be shared with others. I have felt rushed and annoyed and sometimes even obligated when I take photos of my family, but from the moment the shutter clicks I have never once regretted taking the time to do it.

3. I have seen how photographs affect other people :: When we got married and selected our own wedding photographer the only people we were thinking about was us. That’s a good thing. It ensured we had photos that we loved and would always treasure. What I was not prepared for is the impression those photographs would have on the other people in our lives. I remember them making my mother smile, my friends gasp, and now fascinate my children. My eldest daughter loves to look at them and talk about the day mummy and daddy got married. She recreates the wedding photos we have on display in our home with crayons (can you say C.U.T.E.). Over time the power these photographs have to impact and resonate in us and the people we share life with is only going to grow. It has made me realise that whilst it is a difficult thing, it is totally worth taking time to think about the people you will have in your life that will also find these photographs important – even if you haven’t met those people yet.

4. I take relationships and marriage very seriously :: These are the building blocks of who we are and who we were created to be. As I photograph each new couple or family I find myself witnessing something incredible. People actually get closer, love more, appreciate each other more, DURING the session. There is power in the time taken to capture a loving relationship, when that relationship is the primary focus. Where loving, laughing, kissing, cuddling and being together are the only things you need to think about. If a photography session can do that for people than I am in 110%!

5. I love EVERYTHING about what I do :: Photography is incredible, but it is only one part of what I do. My husband started photographing weddings years ago. From the very start I loved being involved in any way I could. Every part was thrilling. Meeting new people, talking about their plans, going out of our way to make sure we created images they would love, designing albums, sitting down with people to deliver what we have lovingly created for them. It is like giving people an incredibly personal gift from our hearts. Going to those lengths for people is the only way I know how to do this and I love being able to do that. Now that I am creating images from my own eye and my own heart, everything I offer is the absolute best quality. Each client becomes a friend and I could never give a friend something I didn’t absolutely love and believe in myself. I would never want you to have anything less than the best I can possible find.

These are the things in my heart, what I carry into each opportunity I have to express myself artistically through photography. I can promise you I will never be anything less than all of these things when I create images for you.

Leah xx