tina + rory | beloved

These two chose Palm Beach, NSW, one of my absolute favourite places in the entire world, for their beloved session. Even with the fire damage that sadly occurred recently it is still one of the most beautiful places I know. Full of amazing hidden places, sand dunes, lush plants and incredible views. For as popular as the location is (they even film parts of Home & Away here) you can always find the perfect place to be all alone and I love that.

We took the whole afternoon to play, explore and walk up giant hills until we were out of breath, but I knew within minutes that all of it would be worth it. For two people who told me they were not used to being in front of a camera I think they did more than ok. Tina and Rory, you are completely wonderful and simply cannot wait for your wedding. It is fast approaching!

by Leah

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rowena + jason | beloved

Rowena and Jason love the colour green (and each other) so this incredible location in Glenbrook, NSW where Jason proposed was the natural choice for their beloved session. Sometimes I can hardly believe that places like this exist in my own backyard, but I am so grateful that they do.

After the session Rowena told me that they were so surprised at how amazing the experience was. To have the opportunity to stop and really see and appreciate the love they have for one another and because of this beautiful memory that they will always carry with them from this day it didn’t really matter how the images turned out. Well, whilst that is very sweet you two I do hope that these will exceed you expectations too.

caroline + abraham | beautiful belgenny farm wedding in camden, nsw

Weddings can sometimes mean months, if not years of planning. Normally I find myself entering the journey with couples anywhere from 3-12 months ahead of the date, but in the case of Caroline and Abraham it was more like 19 months. I wouldn’t usually book a wedding so far in advance, however when a couple as sweet as these two just fall in love with your work and want to secure you, no matter how far away the wedding is, it is impossible to say no. Needless to say, because of that, we were all waiting a very long time for this moment to arrive. It could not have been more worth the wait.

I met the girls getting ready in the sweetest bed and breakfast, abundant with flowers and pretty details everywhere you looked. It really set the tone for the rest of their wedding day that was abundant in joy, laughter and love and not just for Caroline and Abe. From the moment I arrived at the ceremony until I fired the last shot of their guests waving them goodbye there was not a face I caught a glimpse of that was not always full of excitement for them. These two are very much loved and as I finally saw their collection of wedding images come together, ready to show them for the first time, I caught myself completely overwhelmed that, yet again, I was blessed enough to witness such an incredible moment in peoples’ lives. It never, ever gets old. Thank you so much to my beautiful friend Fiona for second shooting this awesome wedding with me!